Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Chunky knitting

I spotted this Panda Mega magnum yarn at the brilliant craft/ party supplies/ $2 shop in Bendigo on the weekend. The actual name of the shop is the rather boring "Variety Superstore" which comes no where close to describing the amazing range of yarn & sewing/ craft supplies they have in stock.
I had a legitimate excuse to go there and on behalf of a friend, because she was in need of a second ball of Cleckheaton California "circus", and I knew the shop would have some. But then I spotted this-

I just loved the tie-die effect neon colours, shown better here perhaps-

It is meant to be knitted with size 10 needles, but I my biggest were a set of 9's or 12's ( or one other set which are super duper large!). But since I always need to go up a size or two, I figured the 12's would suffice. You can see how big the needles are - and how chunky the yarn is, compared to the pencil, which I assure you is a regular school HB. LOVE the colours and the speed of this knit! I am making it for my niece - I bought the yarn, showed her, asked if she would like a scarf - luckily she said yes! Although now I am thinking I might kind of have to make another one just for me....

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  1. It looks like absolutely crazy yarn - I love it! That's going to be one incredible scarf when it's done. And yes, you definitely need to follow it up with one for yourself.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

  2. Finished it last night actually -NEVER knitted a scarf so quickly before! Will have to take some pics of the finished product, and look up what other colourways the yarn comes in. Very satisfying fast knit!


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