Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Just a quick word or 2. Had a great day out at the craft show last week. I was very strong and resisted the urge to splurge on lots of gorgeous things, only bought 3 fat quarters (2 owl prints - inc a nice green version I haven't seen before, and a lovely asian dragon print, destined to make into a bag for my dragon loving friend Cheryl). And a couple of cheap strings of beads to make into a black/grey necklace and bracelet.
What else... some little bits and bobs of beads, charms etc. for the boys to make up (except I had to go to Spotlight on Monday and buy jump rings, so we haven't made them yet), and 2 little silver elephant charms for a work colleage who loves elephants. I finally bought myself a nice big - A1 sized- cutting mat. Fits perfectly on the kitchen table, much easier for sutting out fabric and trying out the rotary cutter. Some $1 kids craft paint to try out with my kids at work sometime. Craft paper from The Craft Spot of course... Saw some really nice bags I want to try and make - a brown one with leather handles hand sewn on ($20 for the set of handles) - so I went to the op shop after work on Friday and bought some $2 handles from old travel bags etc. to try out sometime. I still remember how to do saddle stitching from yr 7&8 leather craft at high school - and still use the leather working tool I had to buy for class too, incredible simple yet useful tool!

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