Monday, 22 August 2011

My new favourite skirt!

Yay, a photo!  Apparently our hard drive full to overflowing, hence the camera /computer communication issue.  No new photos  going on til we buy an external hard drive. Anyone recommend one for a Mac laptop???

Any way, this is my new favourite skirt, I finally made the Mondrian skirt from the 1st Sew Hip magazine I bought ages ago.  I have bought every issue since, and made something from each one I think. The latest has a pattern for a really cute little felt babushka doll, hanging out to try making one!

The skirt was soooo easy - all done on the overlocker (yep, I have conquered my fears!) all bar the 2 button holes.  It is supposed to have a band with really long tails so you can wrap it around and tie it at the side, but I don't like big- tie --up -bow waistbands, so I just made a waistband with some extra fabric, and it does up with 2 BIG black buttons.  It is all stretch fabric bits, mostly from Rathdowne remnats, and the black/grey print bit is from Spotlight. I'm thinking of making another in brown/ orange colours maybe.

Have a look at Ric Rac's latest post - Jodie has totally mastered screen printing and printed up the most BRILLIANT, FANTASTIC Dr Who pillow cases for her daughter's birthday! (David Tennant on one, Matt Smith on the other). Absolutely AWESOME, that girl is just TOO BLOODY TALENTED!!!

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  1. ha ! you think I am talented, I don't make clothes ....I make useless things.


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