Thursday, 28 September 2017

Quick craft fix

I found this sun visor when tidying the spare room the other day ( making room for 3 cousins to have a sleepover!)I think it came from a fundraiser event or conference sometime, can't remember! 

But since the weather is warming up, I thought it might come in handy on a sunny day, plus it is nice & compact to carry around. But it was advertising an insurance company! 

I quite like the purple colour, just needed to hide the logo.
A quick rummage through my fat quarters stash and sewing tools stash yielded my Dr Who 1/4, and some double sided iron on tape - finally tried the stuff I found at Daiso, worked a treat with the help of some baking paper and my non stick ironing sheet!

 I couldn't resist a scrap of dalek ribbon to cover the logo on the back!

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