Monday, 4 September 2017

Brunswick fabric stores- "Unique fabrics"

I had to drop the youngest  to school after a 9am dental appointment today. so I figured since I was in the neighbourhood I would make a quick detour to Sydney Road.  There are several fabric stores near Albert st ( with parking available off Albert st either in the Woolies car park, or behind Bunnings). 

"Unique Fabrics" seem to have expanded and improved their range of fabrics, I'm guessing this was in response to the nearby Spotlight Brunswick closing.

They stock a range of dress fabrics, cottons, and suit fabrics, as well as a small range of stretch/ knit fabric in the back room.  I have found some lovely silk remnants in the remnant basket just inside the front door, and have made some cowl/ scarves - very handy for quick presents!
( but of course when I make a quick present I sew it, wrap it and hand it over- completely forgetting to take a photo first!!!)

My favourite fabrics in the store are these vintage upholstery fabrics - I think they are actually the real thing, not reproductions. Looks like no one is buying them though- they are reduced to $7 per metre, which is an absolute steal - I have seen similar fabrics for 5 times that if not more!  If only I had another vintage chair to recover - or room in my house to fit another chair!!!


  1. Thanks for the info.
    Found a copy of Outlander Kitchen in my local library - tagged a couple of recipes to try.

  2. There are some interesting recipes in there- good to read info on some which I couldn't really figure out from reading the novel, I could read the recipe and go " oh, so that's what it is!"


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