Saturday, 16 September 2017

Introducing " Edna"

The other weekend I got a phone call from my team leader at work. I did wonder why she was calling me on a Saturday- until she explained that she had spotted something on hard rubbish, and wondered if I might like it!
This is what she found-

I need to go to Bunnings & get a proper piece of dowel,  but luckily I have I sturdy metal base already from a previous hard rubbish find!
All the adjusting dials work, she just needs a bit of glue and a wash.

But a hat and an old tshirt will do for now!
I have named her Edna-because she comes from Moonee Ponds!!!


  1. Good find!

    I think mine came from a junk shop, but her base was missing. She got a base courtesy of a hard rubbish find - the stand from a broken pedestal fan.

  2. It must be a common thing the base going missing!

  3. What a great find. I'm sure Edna will be very happy in her new home.


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