Sunday, 22 October 2017

Somewhere over the rainbow...

It has been a week or two of rainbows lately! After making and wearing my first rainbow heart brooch, and making more for the market last week, I have had lots of comments & requests for more!
They are time consuming enough to make - picking up each bead with tweezers- let alone having to pick the yellow and orange beads out from the big multi mix jar of ikea beads! So I ended up ordering some more colours ( since Spotlight seem to sell only a handful of colours- they have had them on special twice now with virtually no stock on the shelves).

While making some more hearts, I had a play around with the multicoloured beads, and made a " granny square" brooch- 
Then on Saturday, there was  a rainbow/ grafitti colour cake!


  1. Thanks!I can't claim baking credit, only as decorators' assistant!

  2. So clever. Love the granny square broch - great idea for crochet friends - might copy that one day. What spotlight are you going to? If I remember I will check at DFO I was there the other day and didn't look at that section. I also think spotlight will transfer product between stores I remember doing that once for yarn I needed.
    The cake looks awesome bet it tasted fabulous.


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