Saturday, 18 November 2017

New sewing patterns

Always worth having a look at the craft section in Savers. Found these new ( uncut!) sewing patterns today for $1.99 each, always looking for new tshirt/ top patterns! Mind you it will be January before I have time to try any of them!

I had to laugh at the description of the picture on the Butterick pattern ( top in the photo above)  - all about top A,B,C D E and then " Purchased bottom" .... duh! It's a DRAWING!  And a drawing of only part of the legs!

The top pattern - simplicity- has shorts, pants & skirt WITH POCKETS!! Yay!


  1. More great finds. Yes not much sewing going on here either. Have a few projects I want/need to get moving frustrating having half done stalled projects.


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