Friday, 17 June 2016

Early craft projects - a trip down memory lane #1

We went to Bendigo on the long weekend to catch up with family. We had originally had plans for a road trip, then lots of day trips, but ended up only going to Bendigo and back! I woke up last Friday with no voice (still not 100% back !) & Tigerboy was sneezing, so we basically stayed indoors most of the weekend except for a walk along the creek trail on Sunday.
I was looking for some jewellery in my old room (but couldn' t find it) and came across some old high school craft projects.
The leather case holds a pack of cards, it used to have velcro glued on ( from.memory the school didn't have any press studs I could use with leather). The tiny teddy cross stitch (more cross stich to come at a later date, I did quite a bit of it!) was a Women' s Weekly pattern I think
The rose is a self covered button I made into a brooch to match some old earrings I had which were my Nana's, they were silver with little embroidered roses in tiny stitches on them. Will have to dig out some more crafting treasures!

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  1. Hope you are back to 100% soon.
    Thanks for sharing your old cross stitch/school projects. Fabulous. Love the cute little teddy. I use to do cross stitch too. I actually know I have one WIP I really should finish! Enjoy the weekend.


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