Monday, 18 March 2013

A sensory quilt

What the...? Yes I know the colours look pretty crazy, but this quilt is not really about colour. I am playing around with some fabric this morning to put together a quilt/ play mat for a little boy at work. He has severe CP (cerebral palsy, and therefore limited movement), vision loss and hearing loss. We have talked at work about making one of these for a while, and my trip to the "Reverse Art Truck" last week has prompted me to finally do it!
So - TEXTURE is the aim here, for our young fellow to rub his hands/face/ feet along the fabric and feel the contrast in textures. Contrasting colours are good too. I might try a black and white one for max visual contrast.
I had another idea to make some pockets in the quilt, to add more sensory input eg. a mini wheat bag for warmth, cooler brick for cold, bag of died herbs/ cloth dabbed with scented oil for smell etc. But I might leave that for another time, and get this one sewn up today so we can get it to him before the school holidays!
Although I miss some of the great people I used to work with before, it has worked out so well to be part of the early intervention team this last year. I have learnt so much more about ASD and sensory issues working with the specialist teachers, speechies, OT's, Physio's and other staff. Plus they get to pick my brains about hearing aids and audiograms!

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