Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sensory quilt complete!

Wow, a project started and finished within a matter of days! But as you can see, I did have to rethink the colours. After laying it out on the lounge room floor and looking at it for a while, I decided the random colours were a bit- drab. So I did a bit of a reshuffle, added some brighter colours and went for a rainbow-stripe effect. I took the patched panel to work & everyone liked it, so I was inspired to make more. I backed the first one tonight ( pretty wonky really, I am no quilt artist!) and cut out 2 more smaller ones ready to put together on the weekend.

Pop over to Nicole's "you sew girl" blog to check out her very special sale on this weekend. Will have to see if I can get there. Plus there is a school fete on Saturday- Merri Creek Primary. They had a write up in The Age a few weeks back, talking up the craft stall there. Might be worth a look!

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