Saturday, 30 March 2013

Let there be light!

There is one problem with going to craft group at the pub- it is generally too dimly lit to do much crafting! But last Monday I night I took along my new toy-

- found at the recent Caravan & Camping show, the "firefly" is made by independent Australian company "Barefoot Power". It is charged by a solar panel you sit on the window sill, and gives up to 50 hours of led light, with 3 different power settings. It is made for 3rd world countries, to combat the dreadful fires and resulting deaths and disabilities which regularly occur when using oil lamps. But it is also useful for camping, or crafting!
I had looked at products like the daylight company lamps-terrific products BUT soooo expensive. The firefly was $50 ( there is a slightly smaller one for $40 too), it is very small & light, and has already been used several times for hand sewing/ repairs at the dining table, and whilst sitting on the couch!
Love it! It is just what I have been looking for, and is unbelievably light & versatile ( the neck is super flexible too for different angles, and means you can fold it up to be quite small). No excuses not to get more sewing/ knitting done at the pub now!

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