Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pom pom fun!

More pom poms, but bigger this time! I have seen patterns online & in craft magazines for giant paper pom poms made from tissue paper, which look great hanging outside. But what if it rains? Could you make them waterproof?

Yes you can! These are about 12/15 cm across, made from plastic tablecloths! I am going to go to school one lunchtime next term and teach the kids how to make them, so they can decorate the friendship tree with big, bright, colourful and WEATHERPROOF pom poms!

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  1. Hi Dianne! These are very cool! I love that they are weather proof, would love to know how to do them. I saw that you are using Blog press on your ipad and I downloaded it but it comes up with some code I don't understand. If we get to catch up one day you must show me how to do both!! By the way, we also had 4 chickens but a fox came into our yard and killed them all!! Yes, in Coburg!!

  2. Hi Bron, BlogPress works for me, unable to post with photos from the iPad without it! Sad news about the chooks, there are a lot of foxes around everywhere, always a worry with chickens. How about Monday fortnight to catch up?


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