Sunday, 14 April 2013

Overdue sewing...

Last day of the school holidays and I finally got around to some sewing. I had promised to make the Jedikid a new pencil case for high school...and sewed it up today. Ready for term 2. Better late than never!

It is made from vinyl, and has 2 zips for 2 compartments - the main full size ( pencil case is nearly A4 in size) for coloured pencils, calculator, glue stick etc. - all the "extra stuff"; and the smaller front pocket is for the basics of writing pens, grey lead pencil, eraser etc. I think I matched up the red vinyl stripe ok! Just need to hand sew the zipper end inside - I was worried about breaking the needle when I put it together on the machine!
The J kid is quite happy with his design " it worked out better than I thought Mum, it looks really good". The only weird thing is - it kind of "inflates". You can easily push the air out, but sit it down flat & you can see it puff up again! Hopefully this won't be noticeable once it has pencils in it!

Back to school tomorrow, then hopefully I might have a couple of hours to do some sewing for me! Much easier when there is no one else home.

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