Monday, 11 March 2013

Op shop loveliness

I have been looking for a granny square throw for a while. Saw one last year & didn't buy it, went back the next day and of course it was gone! So as soon as I saw this one I had to have it! Lovely wavy edging too, a few little holes but I have a box full of embroidery thread from my cross stitching phase when I was at uni, so I an sure to find some matching colours for repairs.

Can't remember which oppy I found it at now, as I have been to a few in the last 2 weeks (to make up for months of not going anywhere!). Visited Pascoe. Vale, Coburg Nth, Glenroy (only 2 so far, still to get to the other 2 in Glenroy), and also the huge Brotherhood store in Brunswick Road. That was a trip down memory lane- used to go there all the time when I first moved to Melbourne & was living in Brunswick. We were on first name terms with the staff & bought most of our furniture there!
They have a HUGE range of books & cd's - I bought 10 cd's at $1 each, and a great trilogy by Jane Yolen which Tigerboy is currently lying on the couch reading his way through (10 pages to go in book 2 he said just now!)

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