Sunday, 20 October 2013

LOL & OMG cushions- my first craft market!

I had a stall at the Brunswick Secondary College "car boot sale and market night" on Friday night. Took along my cushions, and a couple of new designs too.

The creeper cushions were very popular, in fact they sold out! (Ok so I only had 3, but that was because I ran out of cushion filling. In hindsight I really should have driven down to the supermarket the night before & got bought some more, but by 10pm I couldn't be bothered!)
There are also Daleks and skulls-

Sold 1 Dalek cushion, hmm, there is actually not a rainbow coming out of the Dalek, it is just the sun coming through the lounge room window whem I took the photo!
I know it is early to mention the "C" word... But they would make great presents, especially for those pesky hard to buy for teenagers! I should know, my boys were the product testers for the designs! And the biggest one is so nearly a teenager!
For sale over at Coburg craft collective on Facebook, or put a comment on the blog for more info.

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