Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Craft Group comming up...

Craft group should be on next Monday, but since it is a Statewide curriculum day and people might be away/busy and/or exhausted from having the kids home from school 3 days in a row - we will meet again the following Monday 16th August. See you there! Same bat-time, same bat-channel. (Must see if the library has a DVD of the old Batman tv series.  I have been recording "The Goodies" on ABC2 Monday nights, and showed one to the kids yesterday - it was so cool so see them rolling around on the floor laughing at Tim. Bill and Graeme- just like I did when I was a kid!  They love the Flintstones, the Jetsons (not that we had that one on country tv when I was a kid), I dream of Jeanie, and Bewitched too!

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  1. Oh my goodness! THE GOODIES?!!! I'll have to start watching more ABC 2.... Blast me back to childhood.


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