Sunday, 22 August 2010

Craft group TOMORROW

Sorry for the short notice, and the lack of posts this week, things have been a bit busy with meetings, LOTS of baking etc. Because of the up-coming school holidays (I know, can you believe it?!) we will squeeze in one extra craft group TOMORROW NIGHT and then there will still be one more in 2 weeks, before the holidays get in the way!
SO 7:30pm at the Post Office. Have heard from a few people who have eaten in the new restaurant  there which just opened last Wednesday.  Glowing reports - very flash food, made for tasting/sharing, definitely not pub food!  But the dining room isn't open on Monday nights, just bar food, so we should be right to get the big table for craft group still! All the more reason why we need a few more people to come along each fortnight!
Got to go and finish sewing up a scarf for the Jedikid's teacher - it's her birthday tomorrow, and the whole grade have secretly organized a partly for her at school tomorrow.  The Jedikid made a batch of "allergy free" cupcakes for the kids, I still have to make a mudcake for the teacher!

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