Sunday, 29 August 2010

I don't follow football but I do love actual magpies - they have moved back into our street again recently. We had a bachelor flock of youngsters a few months ago - at one stage I counted 19 on our carport roof and front fence!  There are 4-5 of them now, and they are from the original group because they remember me, and come when I call them and throw a handful of  broken bread crusts on to the roof of the carport.  They even land in the back yard, much to the bemusement of the chooks who are not quite sure what to make of them! At least when the maggies are in the back yard, to other mynahs, sparrows and doves stay away - thank goodness. Those cheeky buggers pinch all the chook's pellets and are costing me a fortune- and keeping "Andrew's stock foods" in business!

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