Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Sewing for the school fete and other things.

Just back from craft group tonight where I managed to sew together 3 fabric buckets.  ( Hi! lovely craft group people!)
I found the pattern & tutorial at here.  I changed the sizes around a bit to draw up my own version in sizes I liked.  When I was looking for the website just now ( I tend to surf on my iPad and take screen shots of things I like/tutorials/recipes etc. so I can look at them later when I am not online, so save on downloads!) - anyway, the latest post on birchfabrics looks pretty cool - a floor cushion for kids that looks like a tree stump. Rather tempting, must go back for a proper look later.

In the meantime, some pics from the weekend before last (gosh, was it that long ago already!). Family day out - in the rain - up to the market at Gisbourne. How cute are the birdhouses!?

Lots of gorgeous things, and very yummy food too.
We took a meandering route back home, stopping to investigate local waterways for possible future fishing trips. Not much water here, but love the colours of the rocks.
 I love this  beautiful is the old railway bridge at Sunbury.  I must have travelled over it dozens and dozens of times on the Bendigo-Melbourne train route, but never actually walked under the bridge before! Such craftsmanship for a utilitarian purpose.
And lastly, if you look really carefully, that dark smudge in the centre, sort of below the base of the trees, is actually a wallaby we spotted as we followed the dry creek bed under the bridge. The first one hopped away, but the second one was content to sit and keep a watchful eye on us.


  1. The Gisborne market is wonderful - it's been too long since I last went there. So many delicious things and temptations! Your photo of the railway bridge is absolutely gorgeous. I think I'll be checking that one out when I'm next in Sunbury.

    1. Thanks Katie! There was a gorgeous tree on top of a hill just beyond the bridge just waiting to be have its pictire taken...but my phone just could not do it justice!


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