Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New look 6871 version 2 - new and improved!

After last weeks'  disastrous effort, I re drew the pattern using my tried and true method of comparing the pattern to a well used successful favourite ( in this case Collette Sorbetto). No idea why I forgot to do that the first time, duh!

Much better result second time around! I added darts at the bust line, a small dart in the front ( meant to do a pleat but forgot to!) in place of gathering. I already have another one cut out ready to sew - from the new pattern of course! Just need to get one or two more tops sewn before I go back to work ...(be nice to have something to show for the time spent relaxing over the holidays!)

There is also a gorgeous vintage apron I found at the op shop last week that I am trying to turn into a tunic top. Hope to finish it tomorrow after a quick trip to the local Janome store today for a reel of white cotton - you know that frustrating situation when there is just enough left on the reel to make up a bobbin, but then there will be nothing left on the reel to sew with!

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  1. Much better Dianne! I really like the contrast of these two fabrics :)

    1. Thanks Helen! I sewed up another one on Thursday too and wore it to work Friday!


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