Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Craft books to read...

The boys wanted to go to the library the other day, so while they were checking out the CD's and graphic novels, I wandered over to the craft section and found a couple of books to borrow...

The " Prints Charming" book I love, might even consider buying a copy for myself.
"Upcylcling" has some interesting ideas ( and some quite odd ones) but not really anything I would ever try.
I really like the mini babushka dolls and the panda toy in "Sew it stuff it" but unfortunately the pull out pattern sheet has gone missing! I will let the library staff know when I return the book, maybe they can track down who borrowed it last...
"House proud" ok, nothing startling, faintly standard cushions, re painting furniture etc.
Beci Orpin's "Home" is a gorgeous looking book, and I love the step by step photos, which are lacking in quite a few of the other craft books, especially " op shop chic". A couple of Beci's ideas are cool & I might put in my ideas book.
" Lazing on a Sunday Crafternoon" is another lovely book, my friend & neighbour Holly showed my this when she borrowed it from the library, and she made a couple of project from the book. Lots of nice ideas, great for crafting with kids too.
"Recycled Chic" is a different book- lots of ideas on how to easily alter clothing/ remake into other things/ outfits. Good basic sewing tips, clear instructions and photos.
"Op shop chic" hmmm... the pattern for the t towel bag has instructions which do not match the finished product pictured at all! Nor do they match the list of materials for the project. The editor must have been asleep. Disappointing.

At least borrowing books from the library is a great way to check books out before purchasing ... Not that I have any room on my craft shelf for any more books, really...

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  1. Libraries are dangerously wonderful places. I go in there, thinking that borrowing books will save me money, but I only end up with a list of books I must read right now. And since libraries frown on the whole issue of unofficial permanent loans, it means I must go out and purchase these tantalising treasures.

    I love the look of your borrowed collection - there are definitely some tempting books in there. And don't worry about your craft bookshelves - you just need another bookshelf or two and the problem will be fixed!

    1. Another book shelf would be great but we have no more room and far too many books already!


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