Thursday, 8 January 2015

School holiday sewing yesterday...

Ok, so the best laid plans and all that... but I did manage to get one top made! Kind of a mash up of the Collette Sorbetto/Maria Denmark Kimono sleeve T. Quite pleased with how it turned out, especially putting the lining in the front - simply cut out 2 front pieces and sewed them together with a short seam on the neckline & sides, then sewed the front panel as if it were one piece. In a complete fluke, I found that I had a packet of pink bias binding in the drawer already, a close enough match to work. I used the instructions for the Sorbetto to sew it  on - & managed ok even though it was not very wide bias, but sewing the inside first then the front really makes for a neat & easy finish. I will re tweak the pattern to allow a little more room for the darts, because it makes for a much nicer fit. I was a little worried that the armholes would be too tight (can't stand a tight armhole digging in & restricting movement) but they worked out ok. I think I will make another on or two of these, good to wear to work & uses up some cotton fabric from the stash.
There was some other sewing, but not clothes- more on that next time. Might try and get some t shirts at least cut out today, ready for sewing, but I should also finish off some sewing for the fete, and making a sensory quilt for work which I was going to make ages ago and just rediscovered when looking through a box of fabric. Looks like next sewing day will be finishing off some UFO's!

* First time  for a long time that I have used the actual laptop to write a post, I usually use the ipad for photos & writing, but it was easier to get a photo of my phone by bluetooth to the computer, for some reason the ipad & my sony phone just won't talk to each other, and emailed photos often end up a bit oddly shaped  - which was ok for the chair pic in my last post, but I did not want that slightly stretched effect for a picture of me!


  1. This looks great Dianne! Lovely colours on you

  2. Thanks Helen! I don't have a lot of pink in my wardrobe, but I do like to have a rainbow of colours to choose I think I need to make something orange!


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