Friday, 2 January 2015

Take a seat...

...and give it a makeover! Before-

And after-

Chair found at Brotherhood Store in Brunswick, paint from Bunnings, fabric a lucky find at Rathdowne Remnants $4 remnant. Christmas present for my niece, to match her vintage dressing table. My sister said they were hoping to find a chair to match it - " one of those metal chairs, gold swirly bits, curvy legs and white fluffy cushion" We have both been looking for a few months, and I could not believe it when a week out from Christmas, I found a chair!

The white fluffy seat had to go - Jedikid told me a cloud of dust came out of it when I sat down! Luckily I still had some foam left over from my hard rubbish footstool make over from last year. And under instructions to find some gold fabric, the RR remnant was just perfect. Just the right amount ( less than a metre, and it had some marks on it which thankfully came off with a wash), and the pattern matches the swirly back of the chair! AND I even managed to match the pattern at the seam in the side wall, which my H pointed out he was very impressed with - although I hadn't even noticed til he showed me, it was a complete fluke!

The most difficult part was having to pack around it when packing the car for Christmas, and then sneaking it into the house on Christmas Day!

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  1. That's an amazing piece of good luck and a wonderful make-over. I'm sure it was much appreciated.

  2. Great find, and fantastic renovation!

  3. Thanks lovely ladies! I am very pleased with how it turned out, and figured if my niece didn't like it I might just keep it! But it suits her sweet vintage dressing table really well.


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