Wednesday, 18 November 2020


 I downloaded the free leggings pattern from “ Patterns for Pirates” ages ago! As the weather has warmed up a bit lately, I decided I really must try and make some bright, funky leggings. Mine are pretty much ALL black, in 3 different lengths ( full, 3/4, and knee - marked with 3/4 or K on the label because I got sick of putting the wrong length on when they all look nearly the same!)

I have one bright pink patterned slinky knit pair, an op shop find which I wore last week for a pop of colour under a grey dress. They were quite comfy and looked nicer than black and grey! Plus being a lighter weight fabric ( the black ones - all RTW Rivers/ Kmart/ Best & Less brands I think; are made from lightweight cotton/ elastane T-shirt fabric). 

( books work as patterns weights right? They were the closest thing I had to hand, using the bed to lay out the slippery fabric!)

So I dug out the pattern, laid my pink leggings on top & used that size/ shape to cut out the pattern. I made the first pair from a  remnant of stretch net print, bought from Rathdown Fabrics years ago. 

Well... why did I wait so long!?!

Super duper quick to sew! Super comfy to wear! I wore one pair yesterday, and another today. Seriously they could be PJ’s they are THAT comfy! 

I made 6 pairs so far ( ok I sewed 7, in all different fabrics, but the last pair in a sort of grey/ lilac heavy spandex sort of fabric are too tight! Same pattern, different fabric, different fit! Exactly what PFP say on  their website! 

I may be planning on making even more...

I just have to do my next sewing task of adding pockets to a couple of my grey dresses! I figured since I had the overlocker out on the weekend, I would cut out then overlock a pile of pocket pieces, ready to unpick some dresses & add pockets ( inspired by a Morgan Donner post I watched recently!). Time to start unpicking...


  1. WOW! They are super quick to sew up aren't they. Love the patterns and colours. I never seem to get the crouch sitting right for my daughter, maybe I should give this pattern a go.

    I have a date with the overlocker later today, hoping it is in a good mood! Son and hubby pulled it apart the other night because 2 of the tension knobs fell off! I've cut out a bunch of stockings from Christmas prints I was given. Plan to give them to a charity for fundraising.

    1. Don’t know if I just got lucky, or because I measured against a RTW pair that fitted well, but they are def. super comfy, have worn 2 for full days this week & still comfy at the end of the day! They do have a separate waistband so maybe that helps them sit right. Just bought some fabric at Ann’s to make some more pairs. Hope your overlocker works ok!

  2. They look like a lot of fun to wear!

    1. They are! ( but under skirts and dresses of course, because leggings-are- not -pants !
      I may be making more tomorrow, managed to find some stretch lace in a deep red wine colour, and a dark grey lace too. Might have to look up the full - footed leggings instructions over at “Handmade by Carolyn” too.


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