Tuesday, 1 November 2011

still sewing...

Still sewing for the craft stall this Friday, just finished a sign for the cupcakes stall. Missed the cup completely- I thought it was on about 3:20 (well it always used to be - just before school finished. When I was teaching in Mildura, I remember the teachers put all the kids in the library to watch the race on tv!). But we did manage to use up some of the lovely lemons I had been given, and the kids helped make a small batch - 3 jars- of lemon butter, and 2 bottles of lemon cordial! Very yummy, I have never made any sort of jam before (does lemon butter count as a kids of jam?), so it was quite exciting! I took some photos but have not had time to load them on yet.
We did go for a quick walk down to school to check out the yarn-bombed parking sign out the front. My H was walking past on his way to work this morning & spotted it, so he rang up to ask "which one of my buddies has yarn-bombed the school?"- I don't know, but it is a gorgeous rainbow up the post. Must remember to get to school a bit earlier in the morning to see people's reactions!!!


  1. Hi Diane,

    I stumbled on your site whilst looking for craft groups in Coburg for my partner.

    Just wondering when you will have your next craft group at the Post Office? I think she needs a break from bubs and a good chin wag with like-minded folks.

    My email is mike@bigfatrobot.com

    Cheers, Mike

  2. Hi Mike, thanks for dropping by! Next Monday 14th we will be back at the PO, - should have been this Mon but some of us were still recovering from the massive effort at school on Friday! Hope to see your partner there, she is most welcome to come and join us!


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