Saturday, 7 September 2013

Minecraft birthday cake!

With a lot of inspiration from "YoYoMax" on YouTube - here is our version for Tigerboy's birthday party yesterday. I baked the choc cake, made the blue jelly, rice bubble slice and butter cream icing - and my H did the rest! Steve & creeper are cardboard, the rest is all edible. Amazing Minecraft printables and party game ideas from the "I choose awesome" blog- thank you, love your work, all those pdf's! (Plus some very inspiring reading about teaching and the creative use of IT at a Sydney high school)

Party was a big hit, everyone had a great time, as one of the guests was leaving, her big brother looked through her party bag and declared it was "the best party bag" he had ever seen! What was in it? Some lollies from the piƱata, plus home made: creeper badge, minecraft bookmark & stickers (again, big thanks to the Ichooseawesome blog!).

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