Monday, 24 July 2017

Mollie Makes jacket take 2

I bought a 1.1m piece of scuba fabric from a  40% off remnants sale at RR a while ago. I had originally thought of making a dress or skirt, but figured I would probably get more wear out of a jacket.  

I used the zip front jacket pattern from a Mollie Makes sewing special, which I have made once before. I don't wear it much, but always get compliments when I do. I think one of the issues was I didn't have enough plain long sleeve tops to wear under it, but I have made a few more now so it will probably get more regular outings now!

Like the first, I opted to leave off the zip, and use a hidden press stud and large button on the front instead. 
The scuba is weird stuff to sew, the needle was skipping stitches until I adjusted the stitch size and tension, but I probably should have tried a new needle. I didn't realize how tough the scuba was until I was hand sewing the button on!
I added some extra facings which aren't in the pattern, but think it sits better than my first version, plus I left the darts out.  The fabric is pretty loud, and like the first, I will wear it more like a top, I don't like the way it sits when it is open...but that is ok, it makes it into a very funky top I think!


  1. WOW. Does this type of fabric keep you really warm?

  2. Hmmmm...have only worn it once & wasn't outside for long! Probably won't wear it on a warm day as I don't imagine it would breathe very well...It is not super thick, and I think it might come in a range of slightly different weights depending on which shop it comes from!


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