Monday, 31 July 2017

"Finished" sewing

I finally got around to doing some sewing for work yesterday. I found this great black & white fabric- listed on the Rathdowne Fabrics facebook page back in March- as  "grand prix themed fabric". 

But in the Early Intervention field we also know it as "finished" fabric.  The picture symbol for "finished" looks rather  like a grand prix flag, and means that an activity is finished, or an object ( toy/game/ ipad etc) is " finished" or "not available". 

We often recomend that kinders and chilcare centres use a " finished" cloth to cover a table/ toy set when it it not in use, or to help with the transition from one activity to the next. For example " the puzzles are finished now- time to wash hands for snack time", accompanied by the auslan/ key word sign for " finish", picture card/ schedule for " wash hands"/ " snack time" ( or morning tea etc) and covering the puzzle table with a finished cloth.

I sewed up 10 finished cloths, and also made a reversable bag for teachers and therapists to use for sessions with clients.
iPad shown for scale- we often carry a range of toys/ games and assorted equipment to visits! 
Once items are taken out and used, the bag can be turned inside out and -
Ta-dah! It becomes a " finished" bag to put things back into once they are " finished" !


  1. What a great concept! And a lucky fabric find.

  2. Fabulous. Great for work. Your colleagues are so lucky.


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