Sunday, 2 July 2017

Retro styled bowls

How cute are these retro scandi styled glass bowls? Spotted in Hot Potatoes bargain store, Sydney Road Brunswick. Note the cheeky description " inspired by pyrex" on the label!

* Unfortunately I couldn't get to the Fabric Restash event yesterday, as I have come down with a rotten cold. So instead I spent yesterday on the couch. sneezing & reading ( "An echo in the bone" an outlander novel, which finished mid action so now I sooo need the next book!!).  


  1. Hope you are feeling better.
    I'm another Outlander fan - all upto date waiting for the next one!

  2. Feeling a bit better today but absolutely no voice at the moment! Managed to borrow " In my own heart's blood" from the library today, but then will have to wait til the next book is published, hopefullt next year! ( Have 2 "Lord John" books to read too!)


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