Friday, 8 October 2010

Craft Expo excursion

Fellow crafter Melinda and I had a great day out at the CraftExpo yesterday.  The Melbourne Exhibition building is such a beautiful setting, I must admit I did spend some time walking around looking up at the ceiling at the beautifully restored  stencil work!
I found some groovy fabric destined to become a summer skirt-

And some cute rubber stamps!  I have been eying off the little japanese doll stamps for about 2 years, but they were always sooo expensive before! Yesterday they were $6 each!
I remember about 20 years ago when I bought my first "new" rubber stamps (as opposed to the old alphabet and animal ones I had as a child), I had to order them by post from either Adelaide, or Nunnawading! Now there are shops, mail order, parties - and of course, art  & craft shops, Spotlight etc. selling stamps!

I couldn't resist the funny little owls, I especially love the long-legged one!  And yes I know there are some doubles - they will be put aside for a Christmas present for a special crafty little girl (whose mum happens to collect owls!)

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