Friday, 3 December 2010

We have been a bit busy lately...

Sorry there hasn't been  much in the way of posts lately, things have been a bit busy.  First the Twlight Market at school, with the craft stall and cupcake stall proving to both be a HUGE success.
Thanks so much to all those involved all through the year, and on the day itself!!!
The next day I was busy building a CASTLE for  the Jedi Kid's 10th birthday.

Then the following Saturday was the election day BBQ and cake stall at school.
And this week the car is being repaired so I have had to get lifts from friends, trams, trains and buses to and from work. So not much craft happening around here lately. BUT there are only 2 weeks of school to go so I HAVE to get started on making gifts for 2 great classroom teachers!

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