Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Shopping for craft supplies?

I have just been down to the Auspack store, Sydney Rd Brunswick, stocking up on supplies for the Hume National Playgroup Day  (balloons, balloon ties, plastic table cloths and ribbon); plastic plates for pancake day at school next week; some little gift boxes with lids for a listening game for work; and some HB pencils, coloured notebooks, cake boxes etc for home.  The shop is closing down at the end of next week - they have a great range of "other" craft supplies - crepe and tissue paper,cake boxes, paper lolly bags (I forgot to get more of them, have to go back!), paper bags (you know the nice gift ones, plain white or brown with the twisted paper handles, several sizes), stickers, gift boxes and trays, cards and wrapping paper. And of course a great range of novelty stuff for dress ups (very cheap yet sturdy "Harry Potter" glasses for kids, ours have been going for years), and to put in party bags.

PLUS the other AMAZING thing I discovered when I went there - remember there used to be the holeproof clearance store next door? Well guess what - it is opening in March as a TOYWORLD shop!!! Yay!!! The shop is HUGE!  I love Toyworld, and we so need a proper toy shop in Bruns/Coburg. AND Toyworld always stock a wide range of  LEGO. (LIKE WE NEED MORE LEGO IN MY HOUSE after I banned it a week ago for NOT BEING SORTED again.)
But anyway, that is just my house at the moment, it is still great new about TOYWORLD. I could see in the window they have magnetics (or geomag, nearly the same) and razor scooters for some of  their opening specials so far.


  1. Noooo!!! I need bras, not toys!!!!!

  2. Where in Sydney rd is that? Is it the one not far from Moreland?

  3. Just down from Moreland road, near the carpark and the tram depot.
    The Holeproof shop moved ages ago - but there is still one over in Essendon just down from Windy Hill. I need to go back and get the boys some socks -the Jedikid has size 6 feet these days and the big toes are eating holes in all his socks!

  4. Thanks for the info Dianne. It just goes to show how long it's been since I've been down that part of Sydney Road.


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