Monday, 6 June 2011

Hottest 100

Righto, dinner is cooked, slice and biscuits in the oven ready for this week's lunchboxes, and the rest of the family is die back from swimming in another hour....time to finally get the computer out! Time to crank up the stereo too - Triple J are the running their "Hottest 100 Australian Albums of all time" poll -   
I'm looking over my cd's and it is so hard to decide on my top 10.  Deborah Conway, Claire Bowditch, Powderfinger, silverchair, Hunters and Collectors, The Go-Betweens, You-am-I, Sia, Something for Kate,Cat Empire.... and that is not even going back to high school (which I really don't have on cd - maybe on vinyl and cassette somewhere!) Mondo Rock, Mental as Anything, Moving Pictures  (hmm, lots of "M's" in the 8o's!), Split Enz, Dragon (just listened to a best of I found cheap at JB recently). I always spend too long thinking about these things and run out of time to actually vote!

Bugger, the first tray of biccies are a bit well done. So much for multi-tasking! 

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