Tuesday, 4 September 2012

craft events coming up

20 October - craft market at PEGS school Essendon (next to Windy Hill) 10-4pm
21st October - St Joseph's primary school Victoria st Brunswick, school fete

There is also a market night next Wednesday I think, at a kinder in Pascoe Vale, kent rd or Derby st - I have seen the promotional boards but didn't write it down so can't remember the details.  Sorry for being vague!

PS if anyone is trying to send me a text & doesn't hear back from me -  I am not being rude- my phone can send a text but hasn't received any for over a week now. Hence I am reading lots of reviews on which phone to buy next!

YAY! brand new season of Dr Who starts next weekend!

Enjoying  the paralympics, love that my kids are so keen to watch it, cheering on Ahmed Kelly, Kurt Fearnly, & others that they have seen bios on "The road to London" on the ABC.

Grand Designs live is coming to Melbourne! I soooo want to go (the kids do to, but not my H!)

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