Thursday, 18 December 2014

Handmade Christmas part 1

This was going to be made for a birthday a while back, but it didn't quite happen. But better late than never, it will be a Christmas gift instead! She is quite tall ( sitting on a half inch grid if that is any indication). The patten was in a UK craft magazine from last year - "Handmade Living" issue 23 May 2013.

I modified ( ok too short cuts!) the pattern a bit- no apron, no fancy bow at the back, no appliquéd lips & cheeks. I embroidered the eyes & nose, but the cheeks are drawn with blusher- of course! And the lips with water colour pencil. One of the reasons I had put of making the giant babushka was all the embroidery/ appliqué involved with the face, but then I remembered reading somewhere sometime, on another pattern, the idea of drawing on the features with water colour pencils ( yep, as I always say, I have a head full of random stuff - handy for trivia nights and random craft projects!)
She is weighted with a little bag of wheat in the base, so she stands nice and upright for a pillow, or can be used as a doorstop. And yes, keen readers may recognise the purple floral print from previous sewing projects, including a Colette Sorbetto top from last summer.

No sewing this time, baking ( gingerbread) and decorating with royal icing. Can you name the 7 different characters/ objects?

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  1. Oh my goodness, it's a gingerbread TARDIS! You've just given me a whole bunch of inspiration for gingerbread things to make now. Gingerbread daleks, gingerbread K9s... the list goes on.

    1. I'm sure you can buy a set of Whovian shapes out there somewhere! I used the rectangle from a small gingerbread house kit, & added a hand cut roof bit. I have seen an amazing 3D gingerbread TARDIS online- around the size of a tissue box- looked very cool! Might have to try making one!


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