Monday, 22 February 2016

Busy bee

Spotted this bee in the garden this.morning, his legs are loaded up with pollen! I wonder how much a full tummy and loaded legs affect their ability to fly? Hopefully he has a hive to fly to, and make some yummy honey.
We spent the day at my in-laws yesterday, they have a huge garden, and also have some behives off site. They have had a bumper harvest of honey, and veges! We came home with a tub of honey, and bags full of tomatoes, carrots, capsicum, beans  and eggplant. Need to look through the recipe books for ways to cook the eggplant, plus we have a heap of yellow squash from our garden too.


  1. How lucky! Some ideas on how to cook eggplant, you can make a dip or slice and pan fry. I sometimes pan fry then add as a layer in my lasagne. Home grown vegies are always the best :)

  2. The eggplants were used with the tomatoes & capsicum for a stir fry ratatouie type side dish! Plus several capsicums were chopped up & frozen. Beans eaten with chicken curry that night, and some were fed to the rabbit too, she enjoys a nice crunchy bean!


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