Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Halloween 2016 #1

Tigerboy spotted this awesome steampunk mask in a party shop recently, but I wasn't going to pay $40 for a bit of plastic that may only get used once! Luckily there was a craft shop just around the corner, where we found a plain white cardboard mask and a roll of plaster bandage for about $4 each. 

A rummage through the shed and my craft supplies yielded an assortment of interesting bits and pieces.  Gold glue gun glue ( I knew that would come in handy one day!), some black and gold paint and a couple of hours' creating - I think it looks as good as the bought one!


  1. Hand-made is always better! You did a great job on this.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

  2. Thanks Katie! I have been wanting to try the plaster bandage stuff for ages and it was brilliant! Trying to think of some other ways to use it now...


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