Friday, 16 December 2016

Bargain light box!

I spotted a light box in the kmart catalogue this week, & dropped by the store on our way home from the movies yesterday ( more on that later). Compared to the $80-100 units  seen at craft shows I figured $20 was a bargain!

The box is powered by 6AA batteries or by plugging it into a micro usb port- cable not supplied. Unfortunately it does not hold a charge - which would have been very handy- but only works when plugged in. Nevertheless it is a handy size - sceen area approx 27cm square, with a black surrounding frame, & about 6 cm tall.  It comes with several sheer plastic images to display & swap around, but I want to use it flat on a table for tracing images onto freezer paper to cut stencils for fabric printing. So much easier than having to peg the curtains out of the way, blutack the papers to the window and trace a picture vertically while standing at the window! ( which I had to do to draw this R2D2 stencil!)

I used one of my tie dyed t shirts from earlier in the year, cut a stencil & painted myself a tshirt to wear to see the latest Star Wars film "Rogue One" - the boys have Star Wars tees but I still don't have one, so I decided to make one ( the night before!)  I think it turned out ok! I bought some cheap plain t shirts last week to make some more, which will be much easier now with my new lightbox!

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  1. What a great idea. Love your stencil.
    Let me guess which movie you went to see? Haven't seen it myself yet but Ms 17 has.


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