Thursday, 5 January 2017

Summer holiday far

Now I feel like I am properly on holidays- I took over the kitchen table for a sewing day yesterday!
I made 2 summer tops-  the red was a small off cut from Rathdowne Remnants, it was about 1.5m long but less than 1m wide, so I had to find a pattern to fit. The Maria Denmark kimono tee was just the right size!
My adapted butterick 6170 boxy top took a bit of playing around to fit into a scant half metre of op shop cotton fabric ( which had a corner missing, making it extra tricky, I had to re draft the pattern again!).
I also made a denim pinafore, from a pattern I found at the Fairfield fabric swap last year.  I have been wanting to try it out, but the pattern didn't have any instructions, so I have been hunting through op shops to find another similar pattern to read the instructions & compare shapes & sizes.
I sewed this one in denim, it is a bit stiff but hopefully it will soften up with wear and washing- which is why it is all creased in the photo - as soon as I finished sewing I chucked it into the washing machine!
I am already thinking of  making another in a lighter weight fabric, with some tweaking to the pattern first.  When I get another sewing day next week hopefully!


  1. Wow, you've been busy! Well done you :-)

  2. Great holiday! Love your makes. My 2017 plan is to create a hole in my stash! wish me luck.

    1. Have been trying to sort through my stash and find fabrics to use, or discard- hoping there will be another " fabric restash" event soon! You should come along, it was a fun afternoon!


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