Tuesday, 13 September 2011

my new favourite bag

I made this bag from another "Sew Hip" pattern. I am trying to make at least one thing from each issue - so I can justify buying it each month!
Their patterns are good, but sometimes the instructions leave a bit to be desired... and the photos don't always  match what the description and pattern say!
I made this one in denim & added an interior pocket. I didn't really like the way they made the strap, and the pattern was a bit vague (or maybe that was just me....) so I just made a plain denim strap, but added in for decoration a nice old leather look buckle I bought years ago.  The front pocket is a gorgeous "sewing notions" print from Rathdown Remnants, which is probably where I got the denim from too.
RR have a great full page ad/bio in the latest "Frankie" by the way! I have been waiting months to read it, I was in the store ages ago when the manager said to the staff that he had "just been on the phone to someone from Frankie  magazine "(which he had never heard of!).

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