Tuesday, 27 September 2011

School holidays day 1 - the Melbourne Show

We went to the show yesterday (3rd time with the kids so far - we go every second year) and this year finally remembered to pre-purchase tickets from RACV, which is definitely the way to go! From our place it is quicker and cheaper to drive and park at the show. We ended up staying for 7h and 45 mins (as calculated by Tigerboy on the way home), and had a great day. Loved the frisbee dogs show, the Hi-lux driving team (bringing back memories of the good old holden precision driving team from the 70's & 80's), and the boys loved the freestyle motocross, and monster truck!

We saw the queue at he animal nursery and weren't going to go, but as we were on our way out it was very quiet there so we went and had a look. Lots of very cute calves & sheep just walking around to be patted and adored, and the cutest donkey foal & goat kids (I have a particular soft spot for donkeys & goats, so could have taken one of the kids home, maybe offer a swap???). One little goat suddenly spotted his mum, jumped over a hay bale and ran over to her at the other side of the shed, bleating what honestly sounded like "muuuum muuuum" - even the staff nearby laughed at how much it sounded like "mum".

Love, love, love that our 10 1/2 year old and 8 year old boys still love seeing all the animals (and are happy to have a calf suck their fingers, and a chicken peck at a freckle), the quilts ("like nana's), craft and decorated cakes; enjoy a cup of tea and scone with jam & cream at the CWA cafe (thanks to Fiona for introducing us to it on our first trip to the show 5 years ago!) and managed to wait about 6 hours before even mentioning show bags! (Harry Potter and Bertie Beetle for the Jedikid; Dirt Bike magazine and Warheads for Tigerboy).
A quiet day at home today - with aching legs from walking around all day yesterday!- sorting out toys and kid stuff, ready for the first stage of the new purpose built (by my H) lego desk/shelf for the boys' room to be moved in (and the lego to finally move OUT of the lounge room!).

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