Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Welcome to 2012! Dunno where 2011 went, I'm sure I it was just here somewhere, then I turned around and suddenly it just disappeared!
Things have been kind of busy, with the mad rush to finish up at work for the year - try and catch up with all my families, 2 new referrals to make contact with in December - both of which involve booking interpreters for. Plus Christmas stuff, end of the school year.
My mum has been really ill & in hospital ( but came home just before Christmas & is slowly but steadily recovering), so I have been re-aquainting myself with country train travel a lot lately. Got some knitting a few weeks ago, but it is a bit too hot to knit at the moment.
You know it is really summer when you can't bear to even look any cool weather clothing - wool, polar fleece, even long sleeved t-shirts seem too much to even contemplate ever wearing again when the weather is pushing 35+!!!
One thing about train travel is reading - a great excuse to buy some extra magazines to read on the train. I have found a couple of really nice English craft magazines- "Mollie makes", "Craft Seller", and "Making" . I saw a copy of "making" in the hols in Leongatha of all places, but have yet to find anywhere near home which sells it. The newsagent in Bendigo where my Dad buys his lotto ticket has the best range of craft mags I have seen!
My new year's resolution - get more sewing/crafting done of course! And finally do something about renovating our house!

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