Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lazy January...

Made another batch of yummy lemon butter for a last minute Christmas present, it is so easy to make! Homegrown lemons (my Dad's lemon tree this time) and lovely brown eggs from our chooks of course!

Finally feel like the holidays are starting, this will be the first full week of me being home with the boys. Lots of sitting around in our PJ's & watching new Pokemon dvd's. Sitting on the couch watching the bunny run laps and do mad leaps in the air. Have to watch the little bugger though - last night it bit a button off the tv remote & ate it!!! Thankfully it was the settings button we never really use!
Hoping to get some sewing done too - now I have sorted out the massive pile of "stuff to be fixed" and the UFO's too. But I am itching to make some new skirts & bags. Excited about the maker faire we are heading to this Saturday! And of course we also have our tickets for Brickvention the following weekend, and the MSO Dr Who concert in Feb! wondering if I should try to print a Tardis t-shirt, or maybe make up a fez hat (I think I spotted a pattern over at konstant kaos) for the boys to wear!

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