Thursday, 26 April 2012


...we will be at the PO at 7:30 to do some craft (maybe), have a glass of wine (for those who are inclined) and have a good old chat!  The H & I snuck down to the PO last Thursday night, when we realised that with the youngest at cubs, and his big brother at school camp, we actually had 1 1/2 hrs child free time! So we shared the quince crumble (yum!), and the girl behind the bar said hi and asked when we would be back for craft group because she hadn't seen us for a while! So... see you there next Monday !  (30/4)

PS we will actually be talking about  what we will make for the school craft stall and possibly even making something. Plus we will try & work out a date to meet on a Saturday arvo at school for a big sewing session ie. involving sewing machines 'n' all!!!


  1. Hey Dianne

    I cant make the next craft group because I'm going out with the girls for dinner but if you have any crafty jobs for the fete I can help out as long as they are easy. I am a whizz with paper but not so great on the fabric projects but i am very willing!

    1. Hi Amanda, don't worry I'm sure we can find a project for you!


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