Monday, 2 April 2012

Autumn days...

Loving this Autumn weather! I have been trying to ride my bike into the shops at least once a week. The Jedikid has a new grown-up sized mountain bike - with gears! ( And of course Tigerboy is a bit jealous and wants a bike with gears too now!). Found the bike on gumtree, and also recommend bikexchange to find a good second hand bike. The boys are out in the backyard now washing Tigerboy's old bike he grew out of last year, so we can take a photo & put it up for sale.
Planning on doing some skirt sewing in the hols, andtrying out some new recipes, but lots of cleaning up to do first! We have been inspired by watching River Cottage (6pm Thurs, ABC) and have dug out the bread machine. Weekend before last we made and ate 3 (small) loaves of bread in 2 days! Even bought some chia seeds and made our own chia bread, but I don't think we will be putting Bakers' delight out of business anytime soon!
2 great up coming markets to go to - Brunswick Town Hall on April 14 for the Sisters market; and the wonderful finders keepers market is in the Royal Exhibition centre on April 20/21.

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