Thursday, 15 March 2012

Craft group next MONDAY

All being well we will be at the PO again 7:30 next Monday.

I have my year 10 school reunion in Bendigo this Saturday ( high schools in Bendigo are year 7-10, 'cos there is an amazing senior high school there, it was one of the first in Australia. The failed experiment of the Coburg Senior High could learn a lot from Bendigo Snr High!!!)

The reunion is supposed to be "dress up - 80's theme" (yeah, I'm gettin' old!) but it is one thing to dress up in full on 80's gear for a friend's 40th with your mates, and quite another to turn up in costume with a bunch of people you haven't seen for 10/20/30 years! So I will err on the side of caution and not go too over the top! Had a flick through my collection of old "Dolly" magazines still in my wardrobe at my parent's house for some dress-up inspiration.
PS. Nicole Kidman had seriously curly hair when she was a "Dolly" model in the 80's!!!

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