Friday, 2 March 2012

Felt & button necklace

I made this a while ago for a friend, along with one in red/black/grey for me. But the 1st was only made of crochet cotton & felt, and although I loved the look of it, it was too light and blew around in a breeze! So the 2nd one (above) was put on the back burner while I figured how to modify it too add a bit of weight. Finally, I decided to sew some buttons on the flower shapes (pairs of buttons, from & back) and it seems to work! Plus it adds to the look.
But I can't decide which is the quicker way to do it - sew the buttons on 1st (one at a time) before glueing the shapes together, or put the necklace together & sew the buttons in pairs, with the slight complication of sewing through the dried glue and coping with the occassional tangle. Hmm, have to try both methods & compare. Planning on making some for the school fete anyway - once I have the felt shapes cut, I can put it all on the good old "stable table" on my lap & make them up while watching the telly.

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