Monday, 4 February 2013

Another crafty tip- home made bias binding help

I have been making bias binding now & then for various craft projects especially finishing waistbands on skirts. But I find it very tedious to keep measuring & re- measuring when trying to accurately cut the bias strips. "There has to be an easier way!" I thought. So I thought some more, and came up with the idea of a 1m long ruler, exactly the width needed to cut the fabric eg. a 5cm wide strip to make 2.5cm binding. Then I could keep cutting without having to measure!
 I mentioned the idea to my lovely friend Linda, who amongst other things makes beautiful hand sewn quilts, and she straightaway said " order one for me too!".
So whilst in Brunswick this morning ( buying the darkest baking cocoa from The Royal Nut Company, because I was down to the last spoonful after baking chocolate Anzac biscuits yesterday), I dropped into Display Station to ask if they could make a ruler for me .  I have emailed the dimensions ( 5cmX1m, 6mm thick) preferably a transparent coloured acrylic for safety!  Anyone else like one? When I get the quote I will let you know the cost, but I figure if I am getting a couple made, why not a few more?

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