Friday, 8 February 2013

Yes, actual sewing!

My mission: to continue the mini makeover in the lounge room, started last year with some new furniture ( new to us anyway, a gorgeous tall cd/ DVD shelf unit, too big to fit in friend's new house; and new tv unit my H cleverly cut down from a taller unit- from the clean out at his grandparent's house, which even the op shop had rejected for being too tall & dated.
The fabric "goody bag" from Rathdown remnants last week, has been perfect for some cushions. I made some covers for the arms of the couch, and some rectangular cushions to go next to the arms. Something I have been going to make since I bought the couch about 15 years ago!
I had one of those snuggle cushions- big bulky thing with arm rests, but got sick of the size of it, & when I unzipped it I discovered 2 small rectangle & 1 large square cushion inside! So I whipped up the covers, including a patchwork type large floor cushion, and I am so pleased with them I am keen to make some more. I made the original cushion covers on the couch when the Jedikid was a baby, so they are well and truly ready for an update!

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